A walk-in closet in a tricky space

The ability to dim and brighten the room’s ambient light is also a great feature. One of the bonuses of small office ideas is that they can be integrated just about anywhere in the home.

converted closet ideas

If you’re limited on space, using a bedroom as a home office may be the only solution. Making a desk double up as a dressing table makes it a useable furniture piece with a bedroom purpose too. Using up every inch of space can really pay off, especially if you’ve got the budget for bespoke wardrobes. This timeless design prioritises the higher section of ceiling for hanging rails convert closet to office and the deeper section for built-in draws so you’re using the shape of the best to the best of its ability. Due to overhead cabinets sacrificing some headroom, this campervan storage idea is another good one for people with high roofs. One of the all time best van life storage ideas is to utilize a Lagun Swivel Table. When not in use, these tables can neatly swivel and tuck away.

Clear clutter with hanging storage pots

One of the best and easiest ways to increase your kitchen counter space in a campervan is to install a butcher’s block sink. Kitchen storage can always be tricky in a van conversion, especially with a wide array of pots, pans, utensils, and knives.

Depending on how much space you have; you can place two or even three shelves alongside each other. Use the shelves to organise books or place bits and bobs in baskets that fit into the compartments to avoid exposing clutter. A fold-down (or fold-out) desk is one of those timeless tiny room storage ideas that give a small space huge potential. Most all-in-one closets feature a hanging rack, shelving units for hats and shoes, etc. as well as drawers for foldable clothing and accessories.

Small home office ideas

Proximity to the master bedroom is a big plus, so you’re in luck if your home has a box room that’s barely used and could be knocked through. Use hangers with clips to maximise the space in your wardrobe. Peg organisers are super versatile and can be used to organise almost anything! They can also be used to add creativity to a room and can easily become a focal point. Because not only can you sit while you get your shoes on, you can also use it to lay outfits on.

converted closet ideas

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