Beginners’ Manual to Starting a Podcast in 2022 Full Guide

You can access it from your smartphone or tablet and make progress from anywhere and at any time. USB microphones—like the Snowball by Blue Microphones—start around $60. Lastly, “You’re Wrong About” is a fun and educational podcast that reexamines misunderstood events or topics from the last few decades of American history. The two hosts, Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes, provide entertaining and humorous commentary while diving deeper into the research behind the way popular events were misconstrued. If you are looking for objective commentary, this podcast is not for you, as Marshall and Hobbes are not afraid to state their opinions and filter past events or ideas through a modern lens.

Let’s Talk in Japanese is a really strong podcast for Japanese language learners. I love the conversational tone, as it can be difficult to find something natural sounding that’s suited for beginners. In a field of resources with no errors and all the edges sanded off, Tomo’s podcast allows even beginners to practice with the real deal. Nihongo Con Teppei for Beginners is an excellent first step for Japanese learners looking for some listening practice. While Teppei doesn’t slow himself down too much, he still manages to make a podcast that’s really accessible.

You will receive an email letting you know if you’re approved. Three to five days after that, people can begin searching and finding your podcast in the Apple Podcasts app. The ubiquity of mobile devices and shifting content consumption habits represent a huge opportunity for the growth of podcasts. Episodes last around twenty minutes, and topics include zombie mice, the ethics of animal selfies, and underwater pyramids. It’s perfect if you want to be amazed at the strangeness of our planet. I know that speaking and constant practice is the best possible way to learn a new language, and this is why I took this approach.

Essential Things to Know Before Starting a Podcast

You can share directly to Twitter, Facebook, and more, and you can embed the audio directly into your blog posts. Invest enough to create a quality podcast, see if people like it, then advance from there. It stands for Minimum Viable Product, and it is a startup-y term for pushing out the bare bones version of whatever you have, seeing if people enjoy it, then building it up from there.

Some creators are prefer to block off time purely for thinking up some episode ideas. For others, this might seem a bit of a forceful approach. An alternative and great idea is to keep a constant bank of ideas as they come to you. Any time you see something interesting, write it down in your list and come back to it later moneyball the art of winning an unfair game to see if you can materialize it into an actual episode. Some of the most popular hosting sites are Buzzsprout, Podbean, or, but there are plenty out there to choose from. Having unpolished audio will likely discourage your audience from reaching the end of the episode, even if the content is interesting.

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Recent topics include the psychological impact of lockdowns, the legalisation of cannabis and the independence of Haïti. The lessons are quite long – up to 20 minutes or so – and neither the teacher nor the student is a native speaker . Has shown that posting a new podcast on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday will often yield better results. Show the average podcast length is about 36 minutes. Think about an umbrella concept that will summarize all the ideas discussed in that specific episode and express it with both words and visuals.

And there’s really not much editing to be done with a simple podcast. We get quite a kick out of learning the ideal length and frequency for a number of different types of content, and podcasting is no exception. There’s less research out there about podcasts, so what I couldn’t find, I ran the numbers myself.

Better @ English

Over time, my communication skills improved, and as you already know, the results are more than I could have dreamed. Sign up with WordPress, Libsyn, Buzzsprout or any other podcast hosting sites. The editing of the first few podcasts show is usually time-consuming but after that, it becomes easier. But if you are someone like me who believes that time is money, you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr or hire a virtual assistant to edit the podcast for you.

In order to keep the name short, try to avoid redundant words such as “podcast” or “show”. We know the world of podcasting can appear daunting at first, but no reason to worry. The next gen podcast and video creation platform for creators. At ABA English, we have the latest technology and the most convenient formats for your learning.

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The compression of your audio will result in quality loss, making the podcasts sound overall less professional. The great thing about podcasting is that it has low entry barriers – pretty much anyone can start a podcast by finding a quiet room and recording their voice on a phone. However, if you want to level up, you’ll need to invest in some basic equipment. We invite you to explore our app and website where you’ll find podcasts on various topics such as grammar, vocabulary, verb tenses, and more. Once you experiment with the content from ABA English, you’ll decide to learn with us.

The following tips show you how to record a high-quality podcast remotely. You could also use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of guests you’ve reached out to, or what episodes you’ve published, recorded, edited or still plan to initiate. This means that you will only have to upload your episode once, but your audience will be able to listen to your podcast from a range of different directories.

We love taking inspiration from others and learning how to best tackle new media like podcasts. As I mentioned up above, several key sites are exploring podcasts, and they’re doing so in really interesting ways. Here is a breakdown of five of the top ones and how they do podcasts.

podcasts for beginners

Your podcast episode titles are vital to the success of your show. Here are some things to consider prior to hitting publish. You’ll find everything you need over there to create your very own series.

Let’s Talk in Japanese

Read on to learn the ABCs of podcasting for beginners. Podcasts is a great way to augment your English learning. If you want to boost English learning with podcasts, you need to be conscious and listen intently throughout. Playing back parts that you don’t understand and writing down words you don’t recognize will help you expand your vocabulary.

The “Con Parole Nostre” podcast was created by Italian teachers Elfin, Silvia, and Barbara. So you’ll want to have a good level of Italian before diving in. This is definitely one of the best Italian podcasts. You should listen to all of them and stick to the one you prefer. Is one of the most successful ways of mastering a new language.

What is Joe Rogan’s net worth?

Joe Rogan is an actor, comedian, and martial arts expert from the United States. He is also a UFC commentator and podcast host with a an estimated total net worth of more than $120 million .

The title of your podcast is one of the first things people see, even before they listen to a single word of your show. The Smart Passive Income Podcast has published over 400 episodes, and AskPat over 1000, because business topics are a passion of mine. I could write down 1000 more right now if I needed to. Podcasting takes some work, so you’re going to want to make sure you spend adequate time upfront to make sure you choose a topic that excites you. Something that has more than three episodes worth in your head. Before you start recording, and even before you dive into the tutorial videos below, there are five things you need to prepare.

Life Kit: Money

It’s a lean approach we love at Buffer, and I think it makes sense for getting started with podcasts, too. We’ve produced a pair of podcasts at Buffer that we think you’ll like. Learn the latest social media trends with The Science of Social Media and get an inside look at a DTC company built from scratch with Breaking Brand.

Take notes on the important things you want to remember and, if you want, bookmark the podcast so you can easily find it in the future. You can also transcribe the podcast to practice your writing and repeat it out loud to practice your speaking. ABA English has created a number of podcasts to facilitate your learning and make it more fun and accessible. This is the aim of our innovative method that revolutionizes learning. Helping folks all around the world start and grow a successful podcast since 2007. Matthew is a writer and audio producer who enjoys talking about podcasting and storytelling.

This is where you’ll have a little more freedom to play with keywords. Whatever keywords and keyphrases your target audience may use to find content like yours, include those words in your description. You don’t need to worry about the exact title of the episodes – just come up with the ideas. I can’t tell you what topic to choose, but I can give you a couple exercises that I teach my students that will help you frame whether or not a topic you’re thinking about is worth pursuing.

Where メルのThinking out loud in Japanese lacks a bit for me is the topics, length, and slow release schedule. Still, I think it’s a great stepping stone for Japanese learners. Slow Japanese is a great first step into adding some listening practice to your Japanese study routine, and it’s nice that even beginners can listen and comprehend. However, the pace really is slow, and most students will outgrow the content pretty quickly.

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